Jennifer Nichole Wells // Photographer

It’s taken us a little bit of time to do a feature on this lady and we’re sorry! We mentioned her back in April, when she was graduating from UNF with a BFA with a focus in photography and a minor in art history. Even though we feel a little behind, let us introduce you to someone who has been a huge support of SitC, Jennifer Nichole Wells.


You could probably just call her Jennifer. Jennifer is a photographer, but not your typical one.  She does something that we find quite lovely. The technical term for what she does is called fabricated photography. Ok, so what does she do? She creates a story through photos. Her subjects are minature characters and props, with either hand made backgrounds or real life backgrounds. For us, it’s a little complicated to explain to you, so we want to show you her work before we dig any deeper. We’ve chosen either our favorite photos or meaningful ones to

Ah, her photos do our explanation more justice. Like we were saying, her photos are so beautiful. For something that could easily turn into something so cheesy, Jennifer does it with poise and expertise. She has been taking photos since high school, but started fabricated photography in her sophomore year of college. She found herself with an assignment which she kept elaborating into a bigger story. It was something she wasn’t quite sure how to pull off. So there was her first fabricated project, and the start to something very tiny yet very large at the same time. A huge plus in fabricated photography is Jennifer has control over the whole scenario. There’s no time limit or pressure from your subject. Just you and the vision you created.

What she does intrigues us so much! We had a few questions. One of the main ones was, “Where do you get your tiny people or props?” A lot of her props and people are actually train scale minatures. You can grab most of them at any craft store. If she’s not buying them, she’s making them. You can go through her photos and find back drops she’s either painted or taken photos of a sky. This is one of the reasons her photos can be pulled off in such an eloquent manner. A dark, stormy sky truly looks like a dark, stormy sky because it is. Most of her photos are from series she’s done. She takes ideas and works through pieces in her mind for a month before she actually sets up a photo shoot. There’s more creative freedom when you shoot photos like her. She even has a series based on a dream she had. If you go through her blog, you can find many more series.

“I’ve always loved the tinest things I could find.” As Jennifer is quite petite herself, we talked about some of her petite purchases, “I have two drawers full,” she said when I asked her how many figurines or props she had. We laughed a little as we thought about the idea of constantly carrying around little tiny objects in her pocket. She was a camp couselor this past summer and said her little bag of tiny people was a great conversation starter. Sometimes, there are scenes she just has to set up and start taking photos. To most people it just looks like she’s taking a photo out the window but if you pay close attention, you’ll see her real subject. She told us that the people that do notice what she’s doing are so intrigued.

Like we do with almost anyone we meet, we have to ask what their goals are. Where do they find themselves going? Jennifer finds what she does to be something that she loves. She’ll keep doing it, whether she sells a piece or not. There’s no secret gain because she first enjoys what she does and creates. Her talent hasn’t gone unnoticed, nor do we ever think it should be. We can totally see why she has designed two book covers for local authors. She’s currently gearing more towards this, as well as stepping into disjointed panarama photos.main-street

We love what Jennifer does, and we hope you all do too! We can’t wait to see where her tiny/big imagination goes! Please keep up with Jennifer and all that she does!

amadaPhotography by Morgan & Jennifer

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