Vagabond: A Visual Journey

We’ve talked about Vagabond again and again, but we’re not too afraid to admit that we’re mildly obsessed with this coffee place. We won’t beat you over the head with more details about it; instead, we’ll just post lots of lovely photos that should encourage you (force you) to want to go there. If the photography skills of Stefanie Keeler don’t convince you, you’re just crazy. So, without further ado, we hope you enjoy this visual journey into the world of local coffee, cool people, and dang good decorating skills.vagabond-5188vagabond-5190vagabond-5148vagabond-5163 vagabond-5153  vagabond-5198vagabond-5204vagabond-5169 vagabond-5179   vagabond-5224vagabond-5213vagabond-5194     vagabond-5267vagabond-5227 vagabond-5286vagabond-5235 vagabond-5254 vagabond-5158vagabond-5261

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