Local Gifts Only!

Buying gifts is difficult. We get it. We’ve decided to make things easier on you, so we’ve come up with local gift ideas. You’ll have fun shopping local, and the person receiving your gifts will love opening them, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Rebecca’s thinkin’ you should check out these snazzy ideas:

  • Bridge 8
    • Care for some light reading while you wrap yourself in blankets during the blistering winter of 57 degrees? Check out Jacksonville’s first print-only literary magazine, brainchild of local writer Jared Rypkema. Issue 3 has come out just in time for Christmas, too!12313915_952626094785551_1481515311709193171_n
  • Sun-Ray
    • Only a crazy person wouldn’t enjoy tickets to Sun-Ray. So, unless you’re buying gifts for someone crazy, this gift is guaranteed to work.DSC_4131
  • Tickets to the Cummer 
    • Your friends and family don’t need to be art fanatics in order to enjoy a walk through the Cummer, inside and out. Head to the Cummer before January 3rd to see the Women, Art, and Social Change exhibit. Take a stroll through the gardens if it’s not too cold. And let’s be real: it’s going to be 70 degrees, so the weather will be perfect.
  • Olive My Pickle
    • I’m an unabashed pickle fiend. Open my kitchen cabinet, and you’ll find empty pickle and salsa jars (I also love salsa). OMP is sure to satisfy any pickle lover. Find these deliciously fermented cucumbers at Native Sun, Grassroots, the farmers market, and online! DSC_0030
  • Vagabond–pretty much anything there.
    • You know how much Somewhere in the City loves Vagabond. Whomever you’re buying gifts for will love it, too. Trust me.vagabond-5169


Brentley’s feelin’ these things:

  • Candy from Sweet Pete’s 
    • Chocolate is always in season, which means that Sweet Pete’s treats are always a hit. Whether you’re looking for a last minute hostess gift or a treat for small cousins, chocolate is the way to go!

sweet pete

  • Vodka from Carve
    • Millennials may be hard to shop for, but they do love their craft cocktails. Pair this beautiful bottle of vodka with a shot-glass and shaker set and you are good to go. You can find Carve all over!
  • Alewife merch
    • Here in JAX we love repping our craft scene, and Alewife’s shirts and other items are the perfect way to show that you’re cool enough to drink craft beers in local places.DSC_0200
  • Pie of the Month Club from My Grandmothers Pie
    • If you know me, you know my love of pie, and all things made by MGP. From handpies to her old fashion apple pie, everything Allison touches turns golden and flaky. The Pie of the Month Club guarantees you a fresh, seasonal pie every month for the whole year. Truly the gift that keeps on giving.mgp
  • Momni
    • Instant style awaits at Momni. You can’t go wrong with any of their clothing, and hello affordable accessories!image1


If you’re running behind on your list, or just haven’t got a clue, gift cards from fabulous restaurants like the Candy Apple Cafe (which is conveniently located in the same building as Sweet Pete’s–two birds, one stone), San Marco Kitchen, or the newly-opened Il Desco make just about anyone feel special! Don’t forget Bold Bean, Brew, and did we mention Vagabond?

Good luck from the team at SitC, and Happy Holidays!!

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