“What is Somewhere in the City?”

That questions hinges upon another: “What is there to do in Jacksonville?”

It’s the age-old question. We hear it all the time. “There’s nothing to do here.” And not just in Jacksonville, but in any city. Often times, people are so dissatisfied with their city because they haven’t found the gems. Searching a city is hard work–we get it.

Which is why we have decided to do it for you.

Our job is to bring you closer to the people, places, and happenings that make Jacksonville very, very far from boring. Our hope is that, along with us, you will discover the amazing things in our ginormous city. We hope you will realize that there is almost too much to do in Jacksonville.

Thank you for stopping by. We’re so glad you’re here.

-The SITC team

8 thoughts on ““What is Somewhere in the City?”

  1. I love that you blog about your community and find places most people probably don’t know about! Geez, somebody needs to do that where I live;) New follower!

    By the way, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you girls gain popularity for Somewhere in the City!


    1. Jillian! You start the Somewhere in the City in your city! ha! You take awesome pictures so I have no doubt the blog would do awesome!

      Also, I’d love to write up a recipe for your friend! I’ll tell Morgan about it too! She has a sourdough bread recipe that is the best!


  2. Something to think about for sure!
    Thanks so much for any recipes you girls can contribute! Also, if you leave a comment at Rusty Hinge telling about what you submitted, you’ll be entered in a giveaway!


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