Visual Artists

Abel// @sensosketch

Amanda Lenhardt// Photographer

Charzette// Jacksonville Looks

Kyle// LACT

Marianne// Graphic Artist

Matt// @mattdelrocco

Sindy// Verance Photography

Steve// Florida Mining Gallery

Local Businesspeoples

Carl// Converge

Kyndall// Oscar & Lula

Melissa// The Red Sable

Tito// Water Me Green


Cari// Intuition Ale Works

Caron// Jax Truckies

Erin// GastroFest

Lean + Meadow// Blogger

Meredith & Sarah// Community Loaves

Paul Grey// Carve Craft Vodka

Robert// Gastrognome Food Truck

Scott Whisler// Home Brew

Shai & Charlotte// Olive My Pickle

Will Morgan// Vagabond Coffee


Alexis Rhode// Musician

Brice Davis// Musician

Ether Chambles// Musician

Fort Stories// Local Band

Four Families// Local Band

Jacob Creel// Musician

Jacob Hudson// Musician

Jordyn & Shawn// Flagship Romance

Kat// Musician

Orange Air// Local Band

Social Change

Allie A// Yelp

Anonymous// The Urban Explorer

Boyd Bettis// Pastor

Daniel// JCCI & JAX2025

Joe// One Spark

Heather & Alex// Outside the Den

Lisa Taylor// CISV Jax

Mark McCombs// Renaissance Jax

Marti// City Lover- homelessness 

Sabeen// TEDxJAX

Stefan// #igersjax

Sarah & Cathy// Compelled

Virginia// MOCA Contemporaries


Jared// Left on Mallory

Jesse// Downtown Enthusiast

Jesse// Immortal Soul: Literary Journal

Kerry// The Specktator

Scott T// The Spoken and the Word

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