Local Eats & Drinks

Aardwolf Brewery (San Marco)

Alewife Tasting Room (5 Points)

Brew (5 Points)

Bold Bean (Riverside)

Bold Bean (Beaches)

Burrito Gallery  (Downtown)

Carmines (Riverside)

Chamblin’s Uptown (Downtown)

Chomp Chomp (Downtown)

Cool Moose (Riverside)

Deep Search Records (Riverside)

Dig Foods (Downtown)

Exotic Aroma Coffe Shop (San Marco)

Hawkers Asian Street Fare (5 Points)

Kitchen on San Marco (San Marco)

The Loop (San Marco)

Maple Street Biscuit Co. (San Marco)

Nourish Juice Cafe (Riverside)

Olio Market (Downtown)

Pele’s Woodfire Grill (Riverside)

Pho Noodle Bar (Downtown)

Southern Roots (Riverside)

Sweet Pete’s (Springfield)

Sweet Theory (Riverside)

Tapa That (Riverside)

Three Layers  (Springfield)

Tres Leches (Riverside)

Uptown Market (Springfield)

Vagabond Coffee (Murray Hill)

Volstead (Downtown)

4 Rivers (Southside)

Local Shops & Businesses

Carroll’s Meat Shoppe (Arlington)

Chamblin’s Bookmine (West-side)

Deep Search Records (5 Points)

Farmers Market

Gottahaveit (Avondale)

Happy Viking (St. Nicholas)

Junk in the Trunk (Yulee)

Noah’s Ark Thrift Store (Oceanway)

Office of Architecture and Design (Avondale)

Olive My Pickle (Farmers Markets)

Oscar & Lula (Riverside)

Rusted Market (San Marco)

Sailors & Sparrows (Springfield)

San Marco Bookstore (San Marco)

Salvaged Ember Designs (Green Cove Springs)

Solomon Ventures (Arlington)

St. John’s Flower Market (Avondale)

Viva La Thrifty (Riverside)

Local Spots

Confederate Park (Springfield)

King Street Studios (Riverside)

Treaty Oak Park (Downtown)

Unity Plaza (Riverside)

5 thoughts on “Places

  1. A suggestion would be to add Lola’s Burrito to your local eats section & also Black Sheep. Both are great local restaurants.


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